Sleep Assessment

Sleep is essential to health. We believe from the point of view of truly treating the person as a whole, it is key to assess sleep quantity and quality.

We spend approximately a third of our life sleeping and it is not always obvious that our sleep is compromised.

Suboptimal sleep can contribute to fatigue, reflux and allergies.

Long term sleep issues can predispose people to developing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety, heart attacks and strokes.

The Wellness Centre utilises a screening device that you can assess your sleep in the privacy of your own home. It measures oxygen levels, pulse rate and your breathing pattern while sleeping. Results are available during your consultation on returning the device. Your practitioner will discuss your results with you and incorporate practical techniques to improve your sleep quantity and quality. If more serious sleep pathology is identified, you will be able to take your report with you to your general practitioner to consider further medical investigation.